ADR Center LMS Academy

In order to manage the Blended E-Learning Training of your Company, the Platform helps you to improve Training in a comprehensive and thorough way with customizable distance training.

E-learning platform

Cloud with zoom integration

  • Asynchronous and synchronous training
  • Videos, manuals, surveys, presentations, quizzes, tests, progress tracking, reminders and notifications
  • Integrated information with the possibility of communication in real time

Simple and intuitive

  • Intuitive registration: registration and creation of a dedicated account (name, surname, password)
  • Personalized dashboard: each participant will see the courses he is enrolled in and will be able to access each phase or material available


  • Opportunities for professional application: the browsing experience and training in negotiating and mediating through the platform will help participants with the use of similar tools for their daily professional life


  • Learning experience: captivating, effective and diversified thanks to the different types of activities
  • Progress monitoring: individual and group reports with data overview (completion rates, benchmarking between sessions etc)