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By G. Richard Shell, Leonardo D’Urso, Giuseppe De Palo

Stories, strategies and tactics to be successful in business and in everyday life.

Shell, with a systematic and original approach, mixes negotiation theory with energetic episodes picked from the life of some of the most famous negotiators, such as Benjamin Franklin, J.P. Morgan, Akio Morita and Donald Trump.

The “lessons” by Shell, provide the reader with a tool for self-evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of negotiators and, allows anyone, from an inexperienced and anxious novice negotiator to a veteran negotiator, to identify desirable behaviors and to improve the performance of negotiation.

In particular, the author demonstrates how to win even when you think you may be weak, how to negotiate even with very unfair counterparties without sacrificing your own ethics, how to establish trust in business relationships, how to improve your leverage in each phase of the negotiation process, and how to decide when it is appropriate to compromise.