The Professional Mediator Manual (The Mediator’s Handbook)


By Leonardo D’Urso, Giuseppe De Palo, Dwight Golann

This volume is the second edition of the “Mediator’s Handbook” published by the same authors in 2004. The change of title for this new edition is justified by the entrance into force of Italian legislative decree 28, 4 March 2010, which regulates “mediation for conciliatory purposes”.

It is a useful tool for anyone who is a mediator, as it illustrates the strategies, tactics and necessary communication techniques. In Part Four of the book it offers, through examples and questions, a review of the main communication tools, so that the professional mediator can address the most critical situations. The other parts of the book relate to: Part One “primary and hybrid ADR procedures”, Part Two: “mediation in action”, Part Three: “the procedural, psychological and substantive obstacles to the agreement and the most efficient techniques to overcome them”.

It illustrates the model of mediation used by the authors, who are experts in mediation activity. The model is divided into four basic phases. Each phase discusses: (1) the goals, i.e. what the mediator should be determined to do; (2) the actions to achieve those goals; (3) the resulting tactics and behaviors to bring to the mediation table; and finally, (4) the most common mistakes.