The role of the lawyer in mediation


By Leonardo D’Urso, Giuseppe De Palo, Rachele Gabellini

The entrance in force of Italian legislative decree 28, 4th March 2010, on mediation of civil and commercial disputes, has adopted the model suggested by modern economists, introducing significant changes in conflict management.

There is no doubt that the reform requires a cultural change, which on one hand seems necessary, while on the other hand it raises heated debates, related to the role of the lawyer in the mediation process. In this context, the volume’s authors share the testimony of our more than ten years experiences working with lawyers and their clients, regarding the mediated solution of disputes of any nature, which demonstrates the crucial role of the lawyer, next to his client, in and outside the mediation room.

In addition to illustrating the legal aspects of the mediation phenomenon in Italy, with reference also to the latest ministerial decree 180/2010, the book serves as a practical guide for lawyers in order to derive the maximum advantage from mediation. Stories about “real life mediations”, anecdotes and insights guide the reader to an extremely new and exciting professional route: from the beginning to the end of the mediation procedure.