Mediation Course Testimonials


” The course was very professionally conducted, and has increased my interest in mediation and mediation techniques. The videos and the simulations were extremely helpful and educational ”

Paola Bisogno, Lawyer


“The course had a varied and intense focus, with remarkable insight. I really appreciated the interactive method of involvement that was used to encourage us to participate ”

Emanuela Mariani, Journalist



“ Led by extremely well-prepared professionals, who immediately put the participants at ease. Very interesting content and excellent materials ”

Riccardo Crucianelli, Trainee Lawyer


“ Stimulating and very educational. An excellent starting point and the right ‘push’ needed to modify ones approach to the profession and to the role of the mediator ”

Marina Vecchia, Lawyer


“ Extremely interesting and challenging. Strong impact. Produces a change in the approach to professional issues and interpersonal relationships ”

Alessandra Bregni, Lawyer


“ A completely new reality; a new view on the world of the disputes; a new approach to negotiations; especially in developing the relationships with counterparties: this is what I take home from the course ”

Giovanni De Luca, Lawyer


“ Excellent, exceeded my expectations especially with regards to active participation and ability to engage, never boring ”

Laura Tricerri, Lawyer

“ The course was very helpful and the trainers absolutely rose to the occasion ”

Marta Di Massimo, student


“ Extremely positive impression, the personal involvement was great. The practical tests were stimulating. Excellent preparation by the trainers and their ability to keep the interest of the class even after hours of lessons ”

Carlo Cobianchi, Lawyer