Negotiation is a strategic asset

The success of an organization is based on its results. Negotiating effectively, by choosing the proper negotiation techniques and knowing those of the counterparty, represents an essential strategic asset for the creation of value in your own organization. A negotiation concluded in an unsatisfactory way – or not concluded at all – always means a significant loss in terms of invested resources and potential value.


Advantages of negotiation

Creating a culture of negotiation and disseminating throughout the organization the exact methodologies for an efficient and successful management of relationships with third parties, this means obtaining significant results in terms of business:

  • Improvement of ongoing relations
  • Creation of new, profitable and long-lasting relationships (alliances, commercial agreements, mergers)
  • Significant increase in reaching negotiation agreements, in less time and with better results
  • Recovery of “hidden” costs in the negotiations: time, use of human and financial resources
  • Resolution of conflicts with third parties
  • Resolution, in a shorter time and satisfactorily, of an organization’s internal conflicts, with the resulting advantage in the productivity of the entire company
  • Increase in the number and quality of the commercial agreements made in the organization