Persuasion Course Testimonials



” The course gave me the opportunity to rationalize some behaviors that we potentially adopt, but in a non-systematic way ”

Sales Person


“ I would definitely recommend the course in order to gain an awareness of ‘ethics’ of your own behavior for the purpose of persuasion ”

Sales manager



“ In the legal field is essential to know how people work, before knowing how law works. This course helps participants understand many of the aspects of human behavior ”

Lawyer and Trainer


“ It helped me to understand how to establish a relationship with the counterparty, using incentives to acceptance ”



“ The group discussions on the exercises were very helpful: they shed light on various aspects that would have not been otherwise considered ”


“  The course satisfied all of my expectations. The content was great and so was the work done using role plays, which allowed to put into practice the theoretical aspects of the course ”




“ Pragmatic, practical, useful and enlightening concepts that were previously unknown to me ”

Businessman in Logistics