Sometimes negotiations which are very important for the development of a company are left to the improvisation of the parties at the negotiation table. Most of the time company’s representatives and advisors consider only the technical and legal aspects without planning for a careful negotiation strategy. We work alongside the business team and the legal and technical consultants in long and complex negotiations such as:
affiancamento team aziendale

  • Definition of long-term commercial agreements
  • Establishment of international joint ventures
  • Definitions of strategic alliances
  • Loans with banks or investment funds
  • Renegotiation of existing, signed contracts
  • Buying and selling companies and company shares
  • Sale of real estate


Areas of intervention





Changes to an agreement – even small ones – may determine the success or failure of the process. In these contexts, we support a company in maximizing the outcome of a negotiation, through the following methods:


affiancamento aziendale

  • Preparation of an accurate strategy, along the lines of the 8 fundamentals (definition of the first offer, BATNA, planning concessions, resistance point, goals, definitions of objective criteria, creation of new options, tactics to use, etc…)
  • Simulation of the meeting and possible sceneries that may occur, through the representation of the opposing party
  • Editing of the written proposals, using the principles of persuasion
  • Assisting the negotiation team, both in Italy and abroad, during the negotiations
  • Analysis of the cultural differences that may influence international negotiations
  • Assistance in preparing the final contract.