We are international professionals, with proven experience in the field of negotiation, conflict management, communication techniques and ADR.

Giuseppe De Palo
Starting in August 2015, Professor De Palo has been appointed as new Ombudsman for the United Nations Funds and Programmes. He is based in New York City. During his term as Ombudsman, Professor De Palo will not be available to serve as mediator, nor in any other capacity, for ADR Center.
President of ADR Center, he began his academic career in Italy and became an International Professor of ADR Law and Practice at Hamline University School of Law (St. Paul, USA). He is the editor, author, and co-author of several books and articles on ADR. Since 2009, he has been the co-editor of Worldly Perspectives, a monthly column in CPR’s ‘Alternatives’ newsletter. He is also a member of the board of editorial advisors of the ‘Negotiation Journal’, published by Harvard University. His latest book is ‘EU Mediation Law and Practice’, co-edited with Mary Trevor and published by Oxford University Press (Nov. 2012). Over the last ten years, he has been the team leader for several multi-million euro consulting projects to foster ADR on four different continents. Currently, he chairs the board of ADR Center, one of Europe’s largest private ADR firms. A mediator since 1998, De Palo has contributed to the resolution of over 400 commercial disputes. In this role, he has worked with hundreds of lawyers and negotiators from all over the world.

Leonardo D_UrsoLeonardo D’Urso
Leonardo D’Urso is the CEO and co-founder of ADR Center. He is an expert on managing business negotiations, creating Conflict Management Systems (CMS), and mediating complex commercial disputes. He is responsible for the high quality and constant improvement of “case management” for the national and international mediations and arbitrations administered by ADR Center, as well as the firm’s On-Line Dispute Resolution program. He has conducted numerous international business negotiations as team leader negotiator on behalf of a variety of clients, while his mediation experience includes numerous complex commercial, construction and insurance disputes, most of which involving foreign parties. Furthermore, he has trained and coached teams of managers before and during important negotiations. Since 1998, has been lecturing on Negotiation Techniques and Alternative Dispute Resolution at a number of Universities, Chambers of Commerce, Public Organizations and multinational corporations. He is also author of several publications on negotiation and mediation.

Jack Cambria 
Jack Cambria is an active Lieutenant in the New York City Police Department. He commands the Elite Hostage Negotiation Team. He is responsible for the coordination, training and certification of all new negotiators and for providing refresher training for all current members of the team. He has led and taken part in many rescue operations, high risk situations and the implementation of the counter-terrorism service for the city of New York. He has worked in the most complex situations, such as the World Trade Center disaster, plane accidents, hostage situations and suicide attempts. He is frequently called upon to lecture all over the country and share his expertise on the subject.

Clark Freshman 
Professor of Law at the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, USA since 2007, he is a mediator, trainer in the field of negotiation and arbitration expert. From 1995 to 2007 he was Professor of Law at the University of Miami and has been a guest speaker on the subject of negotiation at prestigious universities, including Harvard, Yale and UCLA . His teaching experience focuses on alternative dispute resolution, law and psychology, the effect of emotional states in dispute resolution, detection of lies and behavioral skills, and social skills.

michael-wheelerMichael Wheeler
Michael Wheeler is an internationally recognized authority on negotiation and mediation and former professor at Harvard Business School. He has taught Negotiation in Harvard Business School’s MBA program since 1993, and he has also performed a wide variety of executive courses on this topic, including Strategic Negotiation, which he co-chairs with Professor James Sebenius. He has also served as both a mediator and arbitrator in a variety of business and regulatory disputes. Mr. Wheeler’s background and experience in ADR in the context of business development is proved to be a strategic asset in many international projects. He was chief editor of the “Negotiation Journal” and a member of the American Arbitration Association. As mediator and arbitrator he has handled numerous international commercial disputes. He is author of eight books and numerous articles, including the latest “Business Fundamentals in Negotiation” and “On Teaching Negotiation”, he won with his Environmental Dispute Resolution the annual the CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution award for the best book on the subject of negotiation .

Tantalo_LucaLuca Tantalo

High Court attorney, he has been involved in the ADR field for many years. As a mediator, he has managed many different disputes in various fields, such as banking and insurance rights, property rights, inheritances, medical responsibility, building rights, acquiring experience in solving national and international disputes between companies and private parties. A mediation professor, he is also the president of the “ADR & Mediation” committee. He collaborates with the Italian magazine ADR ITALIA, and he is the Scientific Director of the Italian Review “La Nuova Giustizia Civile” (The New Civil Justice).

_DSC1222_Buti_AndreaAndrea Buti
Civil attorney, he is an IT and ICT expert, with a particular focus on the protection of personal data in and outside IT systems. Indeed, he acted as an expert in the field of “Computer Crimes” at the Master on Rights, Economy and IT technologies, organized by the School of specialization in Civil Rights of the University of Camerino (Italy). He has delivered various refresher courses on IT protocol and e-government for public employees of the Italian Regional Administrations. He is one of ADR Center’s instructors for the courses on ADR, negotiation, conciliation and arbitration.

Luciani_FabioFabio Luciani 
Attorney and Professor at the University of Urbino (Italy), he specializes in industrial and intellectual property rights and in insurances rights. He is a member of the Verona Bar Association (Italy) and he is a professional mediator. He has a fixed-term contract as professor in “European legislation on biotechnologies and biosecurity” at the Public University of Verona and in “Compared Public Law” at the University of Urbino, he is also a professor of ADR for post-graduate training and continuing education institutes. He has been a professor in the university Master on “Management and Innovations in the Public Administrations”, organized by the University of Verona and the Zanotto Foundation (2004/05, 2005,/06 and 2007/08). He has participated, as an attorney, in various mediation procedures, with a particular focus on damages compensation between insurance companies and consumers and on trademarks, patents and copyrights.

Marinari_MarcelloMarcello Marinari
A retired judge, he is the Head of the Secretariat of the State’s Undersecretaryship for Justice in Italy and member of the Italian Ministry’s Executive Office, Coordination Service for International Affairs. He was the Counsel in charge of the civil service at the Milan Court of Appeals and then, in 2008, he was appointed as President of the Montepulciano Tribunal. He was the President of the Institutions’ Committee for the Development of the Conciliation (CISCON), promoted by the Milan Court of Appeals and other districts’ institutions. He has conducted numerous research activities in Comparative Law at the English and French criminal judicial offices and he has participated in various seminars on ADR at the Federal and State Courts of California. In May of 2007 he acted as a Lecturer in the IV module of the second level Master in “Conflicts’ management and resolution. Legal framework, relational theories and ADR techniques”, at the Law Faculty of Roma Tre University (Italy), and he was a trainer for many other ADR courses. He is the author of various ADR publications.