Those who have selected us:



General Electric: In over 10 years of training at the Florence Learning Center in Florence, both in Italian and in English, we have trained hundreds of engineers, salespeople and attorneys within the GE workforce, in order to create a culture and a language based on the most sophisticated negotiation techniques.

Within the Project Management Program, created to develop and disseminate effective and collective management methodologies for salespeople, ADR Center has designed and implemented training initiatives in negotiations and contracts aimed at non-legal, project managers.


Arising from the need to align Diesel’s key-personnel, deployed worldwide, on the topics of negotiation and conflict management, we designed and conducted 3-day offsite workshops, in English, for groups of 20 people.



We conducted a detailed analysis of Enel’s needs, through focus groups and pilot courses, in order to carry out the appropriate negotiation training tailored to their specific business needs. In a second project, we have trained all internal and external lawyers on mediation and ADR techniques.


Inside the famous Ambrosetti workshops, ADR Center’s experts conducted negotiation courses for the top executives and management of the most important Italian companies.


The negotiation modules developed for Alenia responded to the need to put in the same class both the technicians and the salespeople of the company, in order to create coordinated negotiation teams, with each team bringing different skills.



We designed and implemented at ELT’s headquarter several negotiation courses incorporating various intercultural aspects, for managers and supervisors of the company.


On the subject of mediation, our experts have conducted tailored trainings focused on the personnel whose daily work involves issues concerning conflict management.


From the need to train engineers on contract negotiation, we have developed a two-days course on “Contractual Awareness”, using negotiation modules and principles of contract law for non-lawyers.



We developed courses on negotiation techniques, focused on the peculiarities of the complex negotiation process for the sale of the company’s products and services, through trainings based on simulations and case studies.


ADR Center has developed dozens of courses in the field of negotiation, mediation and ADR, in the context of EU funded projects in all 28 Member States and in more than 10 countries in the Mediterranean region.


In the context of projects supported by the Interamerican Development Bank, ADR Center designed and developed mediation courses for lawyers and judges in Central America.



ADR Center designed for the Kenya Bankers Association a mediation center for disputes arising between the banks and their clients.


In the context of projects financed by IFC, ADR Center designed and implemented mediation courses for lawyers and judges in different countries of the Mediterranean region and North Africa.


For one of the largest investment banks in the world, ADR Center has designed courses on mediation techniques for the bank’s employees.



In Kabul, Afghanistan, ADR Center has conducted numerous courses on civil mediation for Afghan lawyers and judges.


In the context of programs sponsored by IDB, ADR Center designed and developed mediation courses for lawyers and judges in Africa.