For Company

Every organization has different needs and objectives in terms of negotiations. We have developed courses for multinational corporations and small companies, public and private companies, law firms and non-profit organizations, Italian and foreign companies.

Courses for business

Our courses are adapted to the needs of each company through a series of activities before, during and after the delivery of the course. The goal is always to improve the negotiation skills of each participant, in order to increase the results of the negotiations throughout the company.


  • Negotiation at Its Best
  • Advanced Negotiation
  • Negotiating Across Cultures
  • Negotiating with Hostile Parties
  • Using Persuasion in Negotiation
  • Managing Conflict Effectively in the Workplace
  • Navigating Everyday Challenging Conversations
  • Fundamental Concerns in Key Conversation, at Work and Beyond
  • Psychological Safety – A Key Trait of the Most Successful Teams
  • Cultural Diversity and Its Impact on Communication and Conflict
  • ADR Center International Accredited Mediator Training
  • Advanced Mediation Techniques from Expert Mediators
  • Mediation Advocacy
  • Mediation Training of Trainers for Mediators (ToT)


  • Analysis of the company’s negotiation practices, and possible problems, through interviews and focus groups with key stakeholders.
  • Micro and macro planning of the course agenda.
  • Creation of negotiation simulations specific to each company.
  • Gathering of evidence and of the company’s best/worst case studies, in order to facilitate the sharing of the negotiation experience inside the company.
  • For large corporations, the creation of a pilot edition to confirm the micro planning.
  • Follow-up and advanced courses held 4 – 6 months after the first edition, in order to verify the results and improve negotiation techniques.
  • Creation of instruments for the measurement of negotiation results.